The Jungle Stand- May Brownie Brittle!

The Jungle Stand is just about the coolest and most affordable food subscription box out there. Every month you get to try something completely different. Each month it’s always something really unique and usually yummy. This month was a tasting of different brownie crisps. This is an awesome concept for anyone who loves the crispy edges of brownies. Needless to say as an avid chocoholic I ate all of the tasting packets and shared none of them!

IMG_0638 IMG_0639

Every month The Jungle Stand has an awesome and silly information card with that month’s theme and information on the different tastes included in the box.


It also comes with a nutritional info sheet. This is great with anyone who has allergies or someone like me who doesn’t eat meat. Now I know there’s nothing to worry about with this month’s theme( meat and chocolate gross) but next month who knows?


This month I just went with one picture of the brownie crisps since they all look the same but taste completely different! The ones shown were the following flavors: Chocolate Chip Mint, Orange, Cinnamon Cappuccino, Toffee Crunch, Chipotle and Chocolate Chip. The game part of this month’s was to guess all the flavors. I did pretty well but got mixed up with the toffee and cappuccino flavors. Im not sure which was my favorite but I sure want to buy more!

Did you get May’s Jungle Stand box? How’d you like the brownie crisps? I love this box for only $9.92 a month I get to try something new! Next month’s review will be up soon and the theme is “Welcome to Taiwan!” I can’t wait to try everything there are some pretty unique flavors to try!

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