June Petit Vour


Got my Petit Vour box in the mail today. This is my second box from them so I’m excited to see what I received and try out some new products!

IMG_0915 IMG_0916

Contents of this month’s box:



Baudelaire Acorelle Perfume

This is a white orchid scent, I like it but I think it’s a bit too sweet smelling. I’ll have to report back after wearing this scent for a while. Fun fact on perfume, a perfume has three different layers of scents. Each layer lasts for a certain amount of time. The top layer fades the fastest while the bottom notes are what you smell for the longest. So even though it smells sweet now it might change. Neat huh?


Mineral Hygenics Gift Certificate $15

This is a coupon for $15 worth of merchandise or a special offer for a start kit (originally a $75 value!) Im excited to look into this brand and try their products. I’ll post when I get them in the mail : )

IMG_0923  IMG_0926

Barre Bar in Pirouette Cinnamon Pecan

I’ve tried this bar before but in a cherry flavor. This one is so much better! I ate this after opening the box because I was so hungry.


SkingenX Anti Wrinkle Complex

I also tried this after opening the box because I had just washed my face. This felt nice on my skin and didn’t have a scent to it which I prefer. This is one of three samples from SkingenX and the biggest sample of the three.


SkingenX Eye Complex and Exfoliator

I am really happy to try three different products from this company but I wish these samples were as big as the anti wrinkle complex. The eye complex has a nice light scent and felt very refreshing on my skin.

Pretty happy with Petit Vour but a little underwhelmed by this box. This is a new subscription for me so I guess I’ll see how next month’s box is.

2 thoughts on “June Petit Vour

  1. Hi, Petit Vour here! We’ve had a lot of feedback this month and are working hard to honor our members’ thoughts. Our next box does contain two full-size makeup products as well as other smaller samples. Thank you for your valuable feedback! Warmest~

    • Im enjoying the SkingenX concealer a lot and I’ve never heard of them before getting the Petit Vour box. I can’t wait for next month’s box! I definitely love my full size products. It’s great that your company is trying to improve based on customer feedback : )

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