May Petit Vour Box

Petit Vour is a new beauty subscription service that I recently subscribed to. This is my first box! I love the concept of this subscription that handpicks cruelty free, vegan beauty products to send every month. It is only $15 a month or $43 for a 3 month plan.


I love that statement on the box. I am also digging how cute the name Petit Vour is. The founders derived the name from petit fours, cute little desserts and changed the four to vour for vegan.

Here are all the contents of the box



Sante 24H Balance Creme- 2 samples


Zen Society Tea Tree Facial Cleanser- 2 samples

I already have this product in my rotation. The tea tree oil helps clear my skin and is really nice for the summer.


Acure Shampoo and Conditioner-$5

This smells sooo good! I am really glad they included both shampoo and conditioner together and sent the same size. I really don’t like getting a big shampoo sample and a little foil packet of conditioner (Im looking at you Birchbox.) I have been trying this out on my hair and I like it, but mostly for the smell. I have dry somewhat frizzy curly hair so I need very moisturizing products and this isn’t quite enough.


Mia Nail Lacquer-$7.50

I would never pick out this color for myself, but Im glad I got it. I painted my nails with this and actually did a decent job. Then I ruined them about 3 minutes after I finished. That always happens to me! The only time I ever have nice nails, is if I get them done at a salon. Anyone else have trouble staying still while their nails dry?


Spirulina Energy Bar-$1.25

This was awesome! I have always wanted to try a product with spirulina in it because it has so many health benefits. This bar was good and the taste was surprising. I was expecting something more like vegetables I guess but this actually tasted like bananas. That is one of the ingredients in this so it makes sense, I would buy more of these.


Kesu Perfume- $1.25

I thought this was a nice scent on my skin, very warm and earthy. I wouldn’t wear this right now in the summertime, but I will hold onto it for the winter. I like my seasonal scents!

I am enjoying trying everything received in this month’s box. I am also happy with the customer service at Petit Vour. When I saw other reviews some received a different product than I did. It turns out that there were two sets of boxes since they ran out of that voucher. Before I emailed them they emailed me! To everyone who received the other box they offered 500 PV points as an apology. I thought that was very nice of them the only problem is, on the Petit Vour website I have no idea how to find out where my PV points balance is. Im also not sure what you can use the points towards. Hopefully this will get cleared up. Im looking forward to June’s box, keep posted for my review!

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