May Women’s Klutch Club and Deal at Plum District!


There are quite a few health and fitness subscription boxes out there, Klutch Club is one of them. It’s also the only one I have subscribed to. I ordered their Best Of Box and was happy with what I received so I gave them a go for a month. I ordered the Women’s box but they do also have a box for moms and men.


I really like the box design for Klutch Club. The box flaps are shown above, when you open them the another box slides out. It’s kind of like a shoe box.


AgroLabs Wheatgrass Boost- $2

So happy to get another one of these! I personally have never had straight wheatgrass, it kind of scares me. This wheatgrass boost has a bunch of other ingredients that all combined taste pretty good. I wouldn’t go out and buy these for everyday because it’s expensive.Hopefully I’ll get more samples down the road.

CoroOmega3 Big Squeeze in Lemon Nectar- Full Size! $19.19

Fish oil/Omega 3’s  are so good for you, they have been linked to reducing the inflammatory process that leads to many diseases! I used to take fish oil pills but when I ran out I just stopped. When I pulled out this giant squeeze bottle I at first thought it was a drink, good thing I read the front and back. I was super excited to try this never tasting liquid flavored fish oil. Can I just say I love seafood but this was disgusting. You only have to take a teaspoon for one serving but the fish smell was so overpowering. The flavor “Lemon Nectar” didn’t hide the fish taste either! It’a going to be tough taking this everyday


Three Lollies Hangover Sucks- $4.19

As a new mom I don’t drink too much, so it will be a while before I have the need for one of these. These are lollipops that help ease nausea caused by nasty hangovers

Dream Water Sleep & Relaxation Shot- Snoozeberry- $2

Tried this, didn’t work for me.


Enjoy Life Food Not Nuts! Seed and Fruit Mix- $1.06

I sampled this previously in a LWF box . This is great for anyone with a nut allergy and a healthy snack. I don’t have a nut allergy so I prefer normal kinds of trail mixes, but I still like this one.

KIND Bar Madagascar Vanilla Almond Bar-$2

These are always awesome. I gobbled this up on the way to a play date with P.


Eclos Daily HydraPrimer SPF 30

This product is really neat, a skin correcting primer with a tone balancing tint. It’s also supposed to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture in two weeks. The sample should be enough to last me two weeks so I should see results.

Bic Soleil Bella Razor- $6.29

This is a 4 blade razor described as “blades that adjust to all of your curves.” I am pretty in love with my current Venus razor, but I will always try something new!

Shea Terra Organics Black Soap Elixer

I have been eying this brand for a while now. The sample included in this box was pretty decent and I’m curious to see how this soap works out.

100% Pure Body Lotion Samples in Cabernet Grape, Honey Almond, Coconut and Vanilla Bean

I have tried this lotion before and really liked it. The little samples are a bummer, but Im really glad they included different scents. I think this might be the next body lotion I buy so at least now I can decide which scent is best. So far I like the coconut, which is strange because I don’t normally care for that scent. This is not super strong but the scent lasts even though it’s light.


Clean Well Disinfecting Wipes and Hand Wipes 

These are going straight in my diaper bag.

I couldn’t find the prices for everything included but I personally feel that this box had a lot of variety and was worth what I paid. Good news! If your interested in subscribing Plum District is offering a deal for a 3-month subscription. KlutchClub is also offering 20% men’s subscriptions for father’s day.

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