May Bluum Review: 11 Month Baby


My daughter P is so close to being 1 year old! I am so excited and I enjoy getting these Bluum boxes for her. Each month they send a personalized box of goodies for the two of us based on how old she is. This month was definitely one of my absolute favorite boxes! When I first saw it on my doorstep I got so excited, this one was heavy!


The box was heavy because this month’s theme was “Look Who’s Talking” and was filled with books. I couldn’t have been more happy to see them! The card that comes each month doesn’t have information about what was received. You can however find the information online on your account page. The card that we get every month always has such a cute baby pic on it!


Everything packed in nice and neat


My First Puppet-$8.79

This was probably my favorite item in the box for P. At play dates she always loves the puppets. We didn’t have any at our house so we really enjoyed trying it out. We played peek a boo with the lion and it was so cute.


Baby Bug Magazine-$1.00 *you can request a free trial issue

Brain Rules for Baby-$15.00

This was also a great item to get. Being a new mom I have faced many challenges already with how to take care of P. Every stage of motherhood brings something new and exciting and it can be hard to know what’s best. I haven’t purchased any of the baby book/parenting books out there yet. This book looks good so far. I really like that it’s based of scientific facts and breaks a lot of parenting myths.


Bobo Buddy Pacifier Holder- $11.95

This pacifier buddy was a bummer since P never took to a pacifier. Still she might enjoy chewing on it with her new little teeth! I also love that it’s machine washable.

Only in Dreams- $10.13

Wow I thought I wasn’t going to like this book because that monkey character freaks me out! But I like this book a lot, I keep reading it to P. I think she’s too young for it right now but the pictures are great. They have a lot of detail and it’s a cute story about different dreams.


Ella’s Kitchen The Yellow One-$2.36

P loves these so this will get eaten pretty quickly.


Beginning with Books Little Learners-$0

This is a brochure from Parragon Books.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-$7.19

Okay if the other book we received was a bit to mature for P right now, this book is perfect! She is loving this book. Anything with music and lights makes a great toy for her. I also love singing this song to her.


Chicago Parent Magazine-$0

This is a free magazine included with the box.

Oh I was so happy with this box, you can never have to many books. I also really enjoy using the puppet and P gets a real kick out of it. Sadly this will be our last Bluum box for a while but Im hoping to renew our subscription in the future. What was in your box this month? Any moms or dads have a favorite book for their child? Id like to know, because Ill probably go out and get it for P.

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