New Subscription- Try The World Paris Box


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So I am a bit obsessed with these subscription boxes. When I found out about this subscription service I got very excited, jumped the gun and bought one. Try the World is definitely on the pricier side at $54.95. At first I felt disappointed at the size of the box when I got it in the mail. But every time I think about this box and it’s contents, the more I look at everything, the more I love it.  This isn’t a box that you should judge by price because it’s about the experience. Each month is an assortment of foreign products from a different place in the world. This month was Paris, a place I would love to visit. In the box an assortment of products from Paris, a postcard, a poem by a French poet and a playlist of French music. I wish that they gave me a link to download the songs for free. But, alas I will have to pay for them myself. Still…everything in this box was very thoughtful and well executed.


The Try the World box comes in a very nice and most certainly re-usable white box. Inside is a stack of cards printed on very nice thick card stock. Underneath all the white packing material are the Parisian treats!


On to the very lovely description cards and products.


Alain Milliat Orlienas- Wildflower Honey, Bergeron Apricot and Wild Blueberry Preserves


Le Palais Des Thes- one pouch each of Hamman, Monk’s and Lover’s Tea

These teas are part of this company’s Les Creations (Paris) collection.


Element Faugier, chestnut spread

This is essentially sugar and chestnuts made into a spread. It can be eaten alone or as a spread for cookies, toast or croissant. I am really excited to try this. I love chestnuts around the holidays and this product is completely new to me.


La maison d’armorine le petit saunier, salted butter caramels


les confitures a l’ancienne chocolat en poudre, hot chocolate powder 


Catherine Troubat: les anis de flavigny, the French mint: original anise 

Not only is this tin lovely and re-usable but these mints are amazing. I am a huge fan of anise which has a sort of licorice flavor to it. These mints are hard, so don’t bite into one unless you want to loose a tooth! Also very interesting is how these are made. The candy maker takes the anise seed and lets it roll over each other in large pans and get gradually covered in fine successive layers of syrup. To make the aniseed into candy takes 15 days! I would never have known that information but I do now thanks to Try the World. : )


Dragees Pecou, dark and milk chocolate covered meringue

I just recently made meringue cookies and Im now thinking about dunking mine in melted chocolate. Unfortunately these came in the mail on a particularly hot day and were melting. I quickly put them in the fridge and they were saved! They are tiny bites of chocolatey and light crunchy meringue, quite addicting.


Chabert & Guillot , nougat

These nougat candies are no stranger to my family and I. The french are not the only ones to love nougat, us Italians also love nougat candy. I am excited to see how these compare to other kinds I have tried.


Sel de guerande, fleur de sel (flower of the salt)

I always knew that fleur de sel was a very nice type of finishing salt. I had no idea how labor intensive this is to harvest. This is a nice size quantity and I am thinking about making my own batch of salted caramels.


Moulin de la brague, black olive tapenade


This Paris postcard was also included with the adorable little apple stamp.

Any of the items included I did not comment on, I haven’t tried yet. I am pleased with this box although I normally would never spend so much. I think inside this box is everything you need to have a romantic evening in Paris all in your own home. Im thinking about getting a nice bottle of wine, some brie, a baguette and settling into a cozy evening listening to French music. The information cards included were also a very nice touch. The description about each product and the company who supplied them made it clear how much thought was put into choosing each one. I’m not sure if there will be another Try the World box or not, but I think I would consider getting one again if they do. For now Im going to start planning my “Night in Paris.”

*I tried to find pricing but that was near impossible. While I don’t know the price I do know that these were things I probably wouldn’t be able to find myself.

5 thoughts on “New Subscription- Try The World Paris Box

  1. Have you heard of Orange Glad? They’re a new box for desserts and convections, I’ve got some info and coupon code if you’re interested! Their first box is coming out on July 1.

    • Yes! I have heard of them. I was debating whether or not to try them out (I was also thinking about trying Treatsie to!) I love my sweets I would love a coupon code, Thanks!

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