May Conscious Classic Box Review

Conscious box is a great subscription service if you want to get introduced to a wide variety of eco- friendly products. Every box includes samples or full sizes of products and you also get a very nice postcard in every box. The cost is $19.95 a month but Im sure you could find a good deal on a subscription. Most recently there was a deal on Plum District and also a code for a free box and you just pay shipping. There are three different boxes to choose from: Classic, Vegan or Gluten Free. I subscribe to the Classic box, here’s what I received this month:




Here is the lovely postcard included with every box. I really need to write someone a nice note with this! I have hoarded these postcards away and should really use them.


EarthPaste Amazingly Natural Toothpaste in Lemon Twist and Peppermint

This is quite an “amazing” concept and I like it! I received the full size of the Lemon Twist, which reminds me of LemonHeads candy. This line of toothpaste is unique in that it’s primary ingredient is clay and it’s safe to eat! This is an all natural toothpaste without any fluoride or glycerin. It has very short list of ingredients. I would like to see how my daughter likes this since she now has 6 teeth! I love that this is a toothpaste that’s healthy for the whole family.  I only wish that I could try the cinnamon flavor instead of the lemon.

IMG_0515 IMG_0516

Dreamwater Sleep and Relaxation Shot in Snoozeberry

I have never tried this and I always wondered if it works. Well I tried it when I needed a good night’s rest, and was quite restless the whole night! I don’t think it had to do with the drink but the Dreamwater certainly didn’t help. What a bummer : (



ECOVER Automatic Dishwasher Tablets- 2 pack

These came at just the right time. Right when we were at the end of our previous bottle of Cascade. For a more natural solution to cleaning dishes I thought the tablets were effective.  I have to note that I always rinse of my dishes before hand so they are practically clean before going in the dishwasher.


Somersaults Cinnamon Crunch

I love these! I have tried them previously in the Salt n Pepper and Salsa, both were fantastic. These cracker/sunflower seed snacks are so good and actually filling. Im sure I will like this sweeter version just as much.

Ultima Replenisher Everyday Health Drink

This is non GMO and made with real fruit. It’s describes as replenishing the body with a daily boost of nutrients. I mixed this with a lot of water and it didn’t taste too bad. I am undecided as to it’s effectiveness.

A.Vogel Herbamare Original

I have always wanted to try this but it isn’t sold at my grocery store. I can’t wait to try it out.

IMG_0518 ]

MRM Relax-All with Phenibut

Used to reduce stress and bring you back to balance. MRM is made with natural herbal extracts and nutritional compounds.

Healthy Hoo Hoo Gently Feminine Cleanser

This is a hilarious name for a product, I won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.

Yes To Cucumbers Natural Sunscreen

I love this brand’s baby products so I will probably like this sunscreen. The only downside is the horribly small size of the sample included.

Bija Tea

Haven’t tried this yet, but I will soon!

This month had some pretty neat items in it. I think my favorite is the EarthPaste, I’ve enjoyed using it since getting my box last month. I also saw that other reviewers got different items in their box. What was your favorite item this month? Did you get similar or completely different products to try?

4 thoughts on “May Conscious Classic Box Review

  1. I read your post and decided to get my first Conscious Box this month! I can’t wait! Have you heard of Orange Glad? They’re a new box for desserts and convections, I’ve got some info and coupon code if you’re interested!

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