Julep Maven May: Set the Stage Box

This month I had a bit of shipping trouble with Julep but my box is finally here! I don’t always get Julep’s boxes because I don’t want to be overwhelmed with too much nail polish. This month however I just could not resist! I am obsessed with the Jazz period and The Great Gatsby. I also thought the packaging and choices for this month were fantastic!

Here’s the unboxing:




I saw that some reviewers didn’t like the hair clip extra in this month’s box. I am not one of them! Since I just cut my hair I like having my hair clipped back every so often. I think the flower pins are cute!



I did an awful and very quick swipe of this polish to show the color. I picked this style specifically for the purple polish. Purple is one of my favorite colors and I didn’t have any polish. Problem solved! Now I have a nice pastel purple shade to wear for springtime and summer.


This is a color swatch on my arm of the 3 lipsticks included this month. I thought it was very unexpected how light they are. This is actually better for me with my lighter skin tone. I think these go on really smooth and are going to be great to take with me on the go. These were not full size lipsticks, instead they were cute little minis. I don’t know if Im the only one but I also thought the lipstick had a slight scent of something citrus. Did anyone else smell that, am I crazy? Even if it doesn’t it still smells pleasant for lipstick which usually doesn’t have a scent.

The lip scrub I purchased as an add on. I love the golden orb that the scrub comes in. My master plan is to re-use the container when I finish the lip scrub. I think it will be fun to make some homemade sugar lip scrub.

One thought on “Julep Maven May: Set the Stage Box

  1. oooh! I like the clips! I just got my first Julep box and am anxious to see what’s in the next one to see if I want to get it. I’m with you on being a regular skipper! I’d rather wait for one that I really want!

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