May Goodies Co. Box Review

Goodies Co. subscription is probably the cheapest subscription service I know of. The box is only $7 a month shipping included. Each month Goodies Co. sends out full size or sample sizes of different foods and beverages. I received my box earlier than usual this month and was really happy with it’s contents.




Zico Coconut Water- $4.34

Usually I am not a big fan of coconut water, but I liked this one.This was a big carton of coconut water too. Since I don’t drink a lot at a time one container has lasted me the past week. There is something really refreshing about cold coconut water when it is really hot out. It’s probably all those wonderful electrolytes and potassium and good stuff.


Wholly Guacamole- $6.50

This was probably my favorite item in the box, a coupon for free guacomole! And a chip clip! I can never have enough chip clips and guacamole. The past week I have had avocados everyday on the veggie sandwiches I have been making for lunch. I can’t wait to use this coupon!


California Ranch Olive Oil- $1.20

These two sample packets were nice to try. I don’t often veer away from my usual olive oil and it was nice to try a different kind. I used one packet for a salad dressing and the other I plan on using when cooking. This way I can see how it tastes hot and cold.


Sour Power Straws in Pink Lemonade and Blue Raspberry- $2.00

I just laughed when I saw these! I haven’t had any kind of sour candy in a long time. I tried the blue one and my face was all puckered up. Sour candy was really never my thing…


Bronco Bob’s Roasted Mango Chipotle Sauce-$1.50

I usually don’t buy pre-made sauces but now that Im usually crunched for time I am starting to enjoy the convenience of getting them. I am going to try this sauce on some black bean tacos very soon.


Beanitos in Chipotle BBQ-$1.00

Kathie’s Kitchen Super Seeds Pumpkin Seeds- $1.00

Oh gosh was I happy to see these, I am addicted to these chips. I tried these once before loved them, planned on buying them, and then forgot. Getting them this month has reminded me I need to go buy some. This flavor is especially good and very spicy! These chips are great compared to regular potato chips. Not only are they a bit healthier they also have more protein.

I never buy pumpkin seeds but I love snacking on them, this will make a nice addition to lunchtime.

IMG_0588 IMG_0589

Numi Tea in Moroccan Mint- $.36

I just received this tea in my Spring Cleanse box from Conscious Collections. I made a huge pitcher of iced mint tea, perfect for the warm weather. This is one coupon I will use.


If your interested in subscribing this code included this month “skiptheline” lets you join without having to wait for an invite (like I did previously).

The total of this box was more than the $7 I paid. It exceeded my expectations as well based on previous boxes. Im looking forward to my tex mex night with guacamole and mango chipotle sauce.

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