Glossybox Special Edition: The James Hotel

My first Glossybox! I have always adored the beautiful box and packaging of this box and I was so excited to get this and the Mother’s Day limited edition boxes. What better to pamper yourself right? This box was made with the help of The James Hotel and is filled with eco-friendly products to improve your beauty routine. I love anything that is more natural and has less chemicals, even more so now that I am a mother.






Alessandro International Pedix Heel Rescue Balm- $6

This is not a balm but a lotion and it feels really nice on my feet. I tried this out and even though it doesn’t have a strong scent it must have peppermint or something like it because my feet were tingling a bit! I massaged it in and put on some fluffy socks and I definitely felt  a bit pampered.

Davines Nounou Pak Nourishing Repair Mask for Hair- $7.70

Even though I recently received a hair treatment from my Blush mystery bag Im still escited to try this out. This hair mask is made with olive butter and is for dry and brittle hair- seems right up my alley. I also love that green color, it’s like pistachios!


Caldrea Body Oil in Aloe Water Apricot- Full Size! $28

So glad I got this scent over the other scents from Caldrea. I sampled their lotion I received in a Birchbox and this was my favorite scent. I don’t have any body oil and this blends really well with my lotion.


Soleil Organique Sun Stick SPF 30- Full Size $18

Awesome! I needed more sunscreen and this is great for on the go. I had this in my diaper bag and already used it when me and P were out at the park. My thoughts on this are, Im liking this sunscreen because it doesn’t smell, it’s easy to apply and most important it works. It also won’t spill in my diaper bag because it’s a sun stick and not a liquid. Can you imagine anything spilling in a diaper bag? What a catastrophe I don’t even want to think about it!

IMG_0381 IMG_0382

Heartland Fragrance Loofa Soap- Full Size! $6

This is Oatmeal and Honey soap with a loofa in it for wonderful exfoliating. I love soap, I know there are many women out there who just use body wash. I am not, I have to have my bar of soap too or I just don’t feel clean. I can’t wait to use this, hopefully the loofa isn’t to rough I think that’s my only concern for this product.

I am in love with everything I received, I may have to start subscribing to Glossybox! Im also on the lookout for their next limited edition box, should be just as wonderful.

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