Influenster: Palmolive Dish Soap

As much as I love my subscription boxes I sure wish I could get some for free and after much searching the only site I have found that really will send you free samples or products to try is Influenster. When I joined (for free) I filled out basic information about myself then chose certain “badges” which are areas that you relate to for example one of mine is Mama Bear since Im a mom : )

Once before I started my blog I received a Beauty Voxbox with chocolate from Ghirardelli, perfume from Bath and Body Works, a razor from Venus and erasable pens. Now this time I received a Palmolive Soft Touch box.


I love the box it came in I call that green and pink combo “watermelon colors”


Inside my box was two full size bottles of Palmolive dish soap. I received two kinds to try coconut butter and vitamin E. Seeing as their campaign is soft touch I think those are very fitting I would assume that anything with coconut butter or vitamin E would be very moisturizing for your hands. I smelled both of these and they smell great! I also used the coconut butter yesterday to wash my daughter’s bottles and the soap lathered up well and they came out nice and clean. As to how soft my hands were… I think I’ll have to see after multiple uses.  I have very rough and dry hands in general so if this soap makes any difference it’s a keeper.

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 10.27.48 AM – this is just to let you know where I received my products, free of cost to test and review.

2 thoughts on “Influenster: Palmolive Dish Soap

  1. Good information, Toni. I will definitely look for Palmolive “Soft Touch” dish soap in the store. I like that you said the product smells good, makes lots of lather, and gets things squeaky clean. What could be better than that!

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