April Jungle Stand Review


How in the world did I get this yummy little plate of appetizers you may ask? Why from the new subscription service The Jungle Stand. This is my first box from them and I am in love. For $9.92 a month prepare yourself for some kind of surprise tasting every month! One month was chocolate, one month was cheese, this month is an assortment of appetizers.

IMG_0268 IMG_0264


excerpt from the front:

“Ahoy, me adventurous Tasters!

We’re about to embark on a treasure hunt. There are hidden riches in this BAR. A taste in here is highly prized. It has a flavor known as the “diamond of the Kitchen.”

The box: Jungle Stand- monthly tasting bar


From left to right:

Stuffed Mushrooms- Jumbo mushrooms in canola oil stuffed with a cream cheese and red pepper mixture

Blue Cheese Olives- green olives stuffed with bleu cheese mmnnn

IMG_0246 IMG_0244

Red Mini Peppers- red peppers aka pepperoncinis stuffed with cream cheese, this red pepper is milder and not too spicy

Fungi- Cheese Stuffed Olives- Green Sicilian olives stuffed with a Fungi-flavored cheese, the briny olive combined with the earthy cheese come together for a delicious appetizer

* this was the taste that had the hidden treasure- Truffles!


Greek Olives- greek olives with feta cheese capers and canola oil, this taste is very firm tart and slightly bitter

Pepperballs- sweet picante peppers imported from South Africa stuffed with cream cheese and moistened with canola oil. These are crunchy and mildly sweet and spicy

and let’s not forget the crackers and cute tongs that come with every box:


I’m not sure what my favorite appetizer was because I am obsessed with olives and peppers and they were all so good. I even usually don’t like mushrooms and I liked these!

I can’t wait to see what’s in next month’s tasting, my only wish is that I knew where to buy what they had this month. Im going to probably go searching for those stuffed peppers…

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