New Box and Deal!

Ok so there are a whole lot of beauty boxes out there for us ladies to try out and receive new beauty products in the mail but there aren’t any that I know of that send out a box of bath and body products. I just found one and its called Level Naturals, they have three different sized and priced boxes based on how many products you would like to receive every month. It looks pretty nice! And even better there is a deal on Gilt City under Los Angeles for a 2-month subscription that is 50% off!! yay! I purchased the deal for the gooder box and will be posting about it once I get to try out the products I receive, I can’t wait because I love my bath bombs and bath salts and such..

Also Target has jumped on the subscription band wagon and is supposedly going to try out their own beauty box, it’s $5 and can be acquired through their facebook page.

What do you think about Target’s box? Anyone know about any other box services that send out bath and body products? I would love to try them : )

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