Birchbox Limited Edition Spring Home Box

Birchbox usually has a monthly men and women’s beauty box but for the second time they have come out with a Birchbox Home Box. Wow I am in love with this box beautifully presented and filled with wonderful products that I’ve already started using for $32 when the total adds up to way more! Sadly it is now sold out but check out what was in it this time around:

first look, what awesome packaging these boxes will definitely be getting re-used,

IMG_0180    IMG_0184  IMG_0186

Sarabeths Legendary Spreadable Fruit in Peach Apricot and Strawberry Raspberry-$3

These are in adorable jars that I will most likely keep and re-use. I have always seen this jam and heard it’s really good so I cannot wait to try it out for myself.


Super Chef Grow Me Basil Kit-$6

This is a great gift idea, the kit comes with a coconut husk, seeds, a stick (to write the herb name) and a soil disc that expands when you add water to it. Although I already grow my own herbs and have some basil I am still excited to try this out.


Core Bamboo Radish Print Utility Knife-$13.99

Only the cutest knife I have ever seen, cannot wait to use this! I love the adorable radish print and it’s almost a requirement to have covers for my knives so Im glad this one has one.


Birchbox Shopping list-$6

So usually I rip out scrap pieces of paper for my shopping list before I go to the store or use one that is Christmas themed from like 3 years ago! Needless to say I will be using this and I love the adorable border.


L’ Occitane Jasmine & Bergamote Perfume-$20

I was nervous about getting a scent, but I like this fragrance and will wear it. I do wish it was a rollerball or spray but it’s not the end of the world if I have to dab it on.


Baggu Bag- $9

This photo is dark but the colors of this bag are very nice and it’s a great size. Baggu is another product I’ve always wanted to try and I have already taken this with me (with my new shopping list) to Trader Joe’s  : )


Tocca Crema de Mano Luxe in Cleopatra -$20

I was really hoping for Giulietta which has notes of pink tulip and green apple and is one of my all time favorite scents. I do really like this scent as well though and I love this lotion. I put it on my arms as well as my hands and I don’t even have to put on extra perfume. This lotion feels really nice and luxurious and the scent lasts without being overpowering. I love Tocca Im going to have to explore more of their fragrances…

IMG_0194 IMG_0195

LAFCO Candle in Mint-$20

I heard a lot of reviewers hating on the scent of this candle, thankfully I didn’t get the Cilantro Orange scent. Although my boyfriend says this smells like a hippie candle I think it smells very natural and the similar to the mint growing in my backyard. So I like it and will be using it, plus I love the smart design of putting the matches in the lid. I am always looking for a lighter or matches, this is very convenient.

The total of this box which was $32 came to about $92! That is a fantastic deal for some truly wonderful products all of which I am currently or planning on using. I’m really happy with this box and I do hope that Birchbox comes out with another Home box soon.

Update: Birchbox just came out with a mother’s day box go check it out! Looks pretty nice.

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