April Citrus Lane Box!

I recently renewed my Citrus Lane subscription because I got an awesome deal on it! I believe the code was TAKEHALF to get half off the box making it about $13? Anyway I love Citrus Lane I just can’t go overboard on baby boxes for P, but I always make an exception if there is a good deal involved.

On to the box:


Looks like they changed their product information card since my last box, and it’s cute!


Everything we received this month:



oogaa non-slip silicone placemat- $8.99

Tried this with my daughter and she immediately tossed it on the floor, but Im sure if I weigh it down or as she get’s older this will be great!


Melissa & Doug Caterpillar grasping toy-$7.99


Honest Co. Shampoo and Body Wash (full size!)- $9.95

I really like this company and have switched out P’s other soap for this one. It has a nice light scent and doesn’t irritate her skin. I thought it was adorable the way they put it in a cute drawstring bag and the Honest Co. always has nice packaging for their products.

InnoBaby Packin Smart Stack N Seal-$8.99*

This is a BPA, Phthalates and Lead-Free, dishwasher safe and a great addition to our baby food storage collection.

*pictured at the top in box

Normally Citrus Lane is $ 25 a month and this month my box came to $35.92, and I only paid about $13. So needless to say Im happy I took advantage of the promo code : ). If you want to join but it doesn’t work anymore, use my referral code here and get $10 off your new subscription.

One thought on “April Citrus Lane Box!

  1. I got the same box and was so not impressed I did not even review it this month. I did use the baby food holders for my milk and cereal on the way to work so that was useful.

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