Love with Food- April 2013

I am so enamored with Love with Food that even though I have an ongoing subscription I went and purchased an extra box when they had a great deal on them (I think I paid $2.95). I am so glad I did! This is probably the best box I have gotten yet. This month’s box was curated by Andrew Zimmern and so far I want to buy more of just about everything in the box!

For anyone who doesn’t know Love with Food is an awesome subscription box service that sends out a monthly box of 6-7 food items usually based around a theme, and even better for every box they donate a meal to a hungry child and the box is only about $12 a month!

Opening of April’s box, packed full as always,

IMG_0120 IMG_0121

Front and Back of Information Card:

IMG_0122  IMG_0123

All the contents of April’s Box:



Lemony Lover OLOVES- pitted green olives with lemon, garlic and oregano, vegan preservative free and only 50 calories per bag. Sounds fantastic I love olives, I have a strange addiction to them where I can just keep eating. Love that these are in a pouch for easy snacking rather than a jar.


Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels by JJ’s Sweets- included one each of original and sea salt. These are made in a copper kettle, are vegan, dairy-free and non GMO. I’ve never heard of this combination using coconut milk, these were out of this world good.


Organic Fennel Pollen by Pollen Ranch- This is probably the most unique item in the box and Im not sure what Im going to use it on. Im excited to try it however, the description says it has “joyful notes of licorice,citrus and honey” A recipe for pork was included but as Im a vegetarian I won’t be using that.


Salty Pepper Sunflower Seed Snacks by Sommersault Snacks- a savory cracker with sunflower seeds spice and sesame seeds, really tasty! I’ve always wanted to try Somersaults, glad I did Im going to be getting more.


Itty Bitty Butter Popped Sorghum- this snack is a gluten free healthier and smaller version of popcorn using instead of corn sorghum, which I had no idea was a grain. Sorghum has fewer calories and higher fiber calcium and protein. These were really tiny but still really good there wasn’t much difference in taste compared to regular popcorn in my opinion.


Smoky Chili & Lime Roasted Chickpea Snacks by The Good Bean- Haven’t tried yet but look fantastic, this snack is GMO free and high in protein and fiber.


Creamy Buffalo Ranch Dip by Buff Lo Dip- Oh my gosh this was awesome, flavor combo is so delicious, perfect blend of creamy and spicy

And that’s it that’s all the wonderful things I get to try out this month, and if you missed out it’s not too late! I saw online that Love with Food are selling leftover boxes. What was your favorite item this month, I think mine was the Buff Lo Dip.

4 thoughts on “Love with Food- April 2013

    • I am in love with that dip! It was so good with my veggie buffalo wings. As for the fennel pollen Im still not sure what to make with it, I saw a recipe that added it to brownies that looked interesting…

      • Brownies?? Wow. That’s pretty crazy. I’m going to make something with it within the next week or so and post it on my blog. It’ll be interesting to see all the different recipes

      • Ha I know but it looked good! I received an email from LWF that they are running a contest for recipes using fennel pollen, so Im sure I will find something good to make with my samples and Ill check to see what you make as well : )

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