April Bluum Box: 10 Months Old!


My Bluum Box for P arrived today! I could not have been more excited since my daughter and I have been sick this week, this was just what we needed to cheer us up. Our box was for 10 months old and the theme was: A Little Pick Me Up

IMG_0142 IMG_0143

First Look Inside, Looks pretty well packed:



Siliconies Teething Bangle Bracelet in Plum – $12.95

This is pretty big on my wrist and I have heard a lot of people bad mouth teething bangles as hideous but my daughter really liked it! This bangle is not only BPA free but also free from PVC Phthalates, Cadmium and Lead. I really like that it has a diamond pattern on the outside and small bumps on the inside for when my little girl is chewing on it.

IMG_0147    IMG_0160 IMG_0161

B Kids Stacking Cuos- $8.00

I have been wanting to get my daughter stacking cups for a wihile now, these are perfect. They are brightly colored and will be fun in the bath or if we go to the beach. I’m really starting to like this brand now that it’s been in a few of my Bluum boxes.


RaZbaby Raz Pack- $7.49

Formula and Snack Containersstackable as one unit or lids to make 3 separate containers. These are BPA free and have these awesome spouts to pour out whatever is inside. With P eating more and more these containers really come in handy, I love that these are a cleaner and less messy design with the pour spout.


Luna Bar- $1.50

I can always use an extra protein bar to throw in my diaper bag.


Ella’s Kitchen Milk & Vanilla Baby Cookies- $4.21

I like Ella’s Kitchen a lot but I’m still on the fence about their cookies. We’ve gotten them a few times for P and I just don’t like the consistency. I think the size is good for gripping and I like that it has no sugar or salt but… These cookies get messy fast! And P tends to try and shove a huge piece of it in her mouth and gag on it, very scary situation. I wish these didn’t get mushy quite so easily, I think right now for P their a bit of a choking hazard and prefer her having puff snacks or mum mums.


and of course what baby doesn’t love playing with the box itself and the packing paper!

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