Dumplingbox, feeding my craving for Asian goodies


How cute is the logo for this box?  I really love Asian food, I am constantly stocked up on seaweed snacks and love trying different asian candy. Finding the time and getting to a supermarket to find these can be challenging. Also since I can’t read most of the labels it can be tough to decide on what to choose. Dumplingbox solves this hassle for me at $10 a month and sends me a monthly box of asian goodies. This is my first month trying them and I am so far loving what I’ve tried and I like that they include an information card with the name, origin and ingredients. My only problem with their card is that I wish they had both the english and asian name on the card so I can tell which item is which!

Inside the box:


Information Card and monthly greeting: this month there was two different kinds of pumpkin crackers and different gummies to try. This is the box as it looked when I opened it.

IMG_0061 IMG_0068


Tried both of these the top is a sort of sweet bread in a banana flavor

the bottom reminds me of a rice krispy treat but softer




this snack mix on the left was my favorite thing in this box, Im going to have to find out where I can buy some.

I enjoyed getting this box and trying some new things, I’m looking forward to more snacks next month.

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