The Little Book Club March 2013 Review

Dinosaurs! Roarrr

When I received my first ever LBC box I was super excited!! When I was little I loved reading (and still do) and so even though my daughter is only 9 months old I still want to read to her…even if she tries to rip or eat the books. Eventually I know she will appreciate them as much as I do. The little book club is $24.95 a month and sends 3 books a month based on your child’s age. They send books out for children 0-6 years old. There is also a different theme every month, which leads me to this month’s theme DINOSAURS!

This is the cute box I received in the mail…


Once you open the box your books are neatly wrapped, mine were thankfully flawless and undamaged.


The first thing I opened was the thoughtful envelope with my daughter’s name printed on it! I wish they hadn’t sealed the envelope so that I could re-use it for her. Inside the envelope are images of the 3 books I received that month and that month’s theme “Dinosaurs.”

The first book was a board book by Sandra Boynton entitled ” Oh my Oh my Oh DINOSAURS!” and retails at $6.95. Board books are the only kind I read to my daughter right now seeing as everything goes right in her mouth the second she gets her hands on it.        This book is really cute! I have another book by Boynton “Moo Baa La La La” that I enjoy reading with P.

My little munchkin P checking out her new book




The next book was a hardcover by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague, “How do Dinosaurs say Good Night?” This book retails at 16.95.

Let me just say I am in love with this book! It is adorable and thoughtful. On every page there is a different dinosaur and somewhere on the page has written the name of the dinosaur, for example the type of dinosaur would be written on their bed. The illustrations are great, I know as P gets older this will be a bedtime favorite.



The last book in this month’s box is “Dinosaur Roar!” by Paul and Henrietta Strickland and retails for $6.99. I like this book and it’s illustrations, although I think the verses are similar to the board book we received and I would have liked something with a different story.



as always P edging into the picture as I try to snap the shot

The books this month

All the books in this month’s Dinosaur Themed box

Overall I was very happy with the books this month especially since I used a deal at  Plum District for $13 ! Even if I had paid full price the total for this month’s selection was $30.89 and the subscription is only $24.95. Sure you could buy used/discounted on Amazon, but personally with books for my daughter I really loved getting new books. I also hate how the shipping fees add up on Amazon. This is a nice service for busy parents LBC tailors each month’s books for your child and picks out the awesome books for you! For this month I am happy so we’ll have to see how it works out next month.

Extra Pros and Cons:

Under LBC’s FAQ’s if you receive a book you already own you can donate it or request a refund for $12.50 of that month’s order


You can skip a month if you feel like your getting to many books or cancel anytime

What I don’t like is that they say that they have mail tracking, but when I received an email saying I would be getting my package at the beginning of the month it didn’t have a tracking number. When I realized I didn’t receive my shipment I emailed them and never received a response. Although I received my box I didn’t get it until the end of the month, not cool.

So as I said previously we shall see how it goes next month, I loved everything but the odd shipping situation. Any other parents out there subscribing to LBC? How did you enjoy your books?



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