Goodies Box: March 2013 and New Deal at Plum District!

Just got my first Goodies box in the mail on Saturday! When I found out about Goodies Co., I had to go on a wait list and finally got to join, for only $7 a month! Goodies Co. interestingly is a part of Walmart and as much as I am NOT a fan of Walmart they do have those low prices. This is a food box with a different theme and goodies every month. This month’s theme was “Rise and Shine”.

My first impression was wow this is a decent sized box, hopefully there are a bunch of goodies inside! My second though upon opening the box was how cute the inside design and card is.

goodiesbox1 goodiesbox2

Here is the front and back of the info card




Bonne Marie Strawberry Preserves- $0.38

I tried this before in a Love with Food box, though you may not be able to tell from the picture this was a decent sample size. I love these little jars the preserves come in and Im totally going to keep them and reuse them somehow.


Jovan’s Instant Breakfast in Rich Cocoa-$1.60

This I am excited to try just add milk and enjoy! In the past, especially when my daughter was born I was drinking Carnation instant breakfast just to get a quick boost of protein and vitamins. Let’s see how Jovan’s measures up.


Erin Baker’s Original Breakfast Cookie in Peanut Butter- $0.43

Made with whole grains and sweetened with fruit puree, this is one dense chewy cookie. This tastes much healthier and is more satisfying and less sweet than your usual cookie. I’d like to try it in other flavors.


Ola! Granola in No Nut Vanilla- $.67

I received this sample in another box and wasn’t too impressed. Personally I love making my own oatmeal or granola creations. Plain old vanilla just doesn’t cut it for me, I like to add in a bunch of other things like chia seeds and nuts.


Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt bar in Toasted Coconut-$1.30

I’ve had other flavors including this one and I like these a lot. You can never go wrong with some kind of granola bar for a quick snack on the go.


belVita in Cinnamon Brown Sugar-$0.80

These reminded me of graham crackers, but these are even better with the addition of whole grains.


Newton’s in Triple Berry- $0.75


Alo in Strawberry Peach-$1.99

I have always wanted to try an aloe water. The aloe vera plant is really amazing at healing bad sunburns and is very soothing on the skin. When I heard about aloe water I was very curious as to it’s health benefits. This drink was good, I especially liked the bits of aloe in the drink. Weird but they remind me a bit of the tapioca pearls in bubble tea, they were almost like bits of gummies floating in my water. That probably would gross some people out but I liked it.

Ok so this is my first Goodies box and even though I was hoping to see a bit more, I am still pretty pleased. For only $7 shipping included I have received and gotten to try some new things to mix up my breakfast in the morning. I loved getting to try the Aloe drink and will be getting more, I also liked the healthier cookies from Erin Baker and belVita. I’ll be looking forward to April’s box!

UPDATE: Now at Plum District get your first Goodies box for just $ 5 !

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