Julep Maven Spring Surprise Box Review

Normally I wouldn’t buy a surprise box from Julep Maven and often skip a month or two because I don’t need that much nail polish. This time however, I was too tempted, and so I took the plunge and ordered their Spring Surprise box. I thought what the heck? For only $24.99 Julep Maven promised at least $70 of merchandise, which is a great deal. I ordered this box and almost immediately it was shipped out and I received it very quick in the mail, which I loved! I hate ordering something, get shipping info, then waiting forever for it to arrive.

Here’s what was inside my box-


Love the pretty bag! This also came in a nice black box that I will be re-using either for a gift or to store things in.


So the first items I saw were this basic black nail file (so not as cute as the one in Birchbox this month!) and these awesome neon colored hair ties. I loved getting the hair ties because I always seem to lose mine and the colors are perfect for spring.


One Step Polish Remover Pads set of 10- $7.99

The only thing I don’t like about these is the packaging, once I open it won’t all the other pads dry out? I’m going to have to seal it up with something…

Essential Cuticle Oil- $14.40

easter eggs


2 glitter nail polishes in Camille and Portia- $14 each

2 solid color nail polishes- $14 each

and the cute bag they came in!

All in all not bad the total comes to around $80 and I only payed $25. I usually am not too into glitter polish but these seem different, much thicker and goopier than other glitter polishes I have tried. I really like the solid colors I received and the hair ties. I do wish I could have gotten the foot soak or a l=moisturizer but I am pretty happy. I know I will use everything I got and I already did a manicure with two of the colors.

Let me just say trying to take pictures around P is tough check out her little hand trying to snatch my nail polish!


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