February Bluum Box is finally here!

Bluum is a monthly subscription box for moms and babies, recently the company has undergone a lot of new changes. Originally the box was smaller and $12 a month now the box will be bigger, $24 a month and also tailored to your baby’s exact age. It’s taken them a while to ship out the boxes because with their new system no two boxes are alike. Im not sure how practical this will be for them in the long run but for right now I really like it! This month I got the box for an 8 month old as baby and the theme is “Giggle Monster- Delight in the sweet sound of your baby’s giggles”.


first look inside the box



The back of the card that tells you this month’s theme has a really sweet story about one of the mom’s and her daughter Arya and how she started laughing for the first time.


Ella’s kitchen apples and bananas-$2

Babybug January 2013- $1.50


mOmma spoon-$4.99

Tried this out the first day we got it in the mail and my little girl had a blast waving it around and chewing on it. I like it a lot from a mother’s point of view because it has all my requirements – BPA free and dishwasher safe. I also think the grip is nice. The spoon has a cover that can be used not only to keep the spoon clean but also attaches to the bottom to extend the length of the spoon. Another feature I love is the ability to sit it on the table without having to worry about it tipping over, this may sound silly but when your trying to feed a baby this makes life easier.


7th Generation Baby Wipes- $.20

Right now I really like getting the Honest Company diapers and wipes but I tossed these in the diaper bag to try when we are out and about.


Pai mu tan white tea- $.50

Pure Organics Wild Blueberry bar-  full size $2.19

This was really good !


voucher for  $25 off at 7 A.M. Enfant when you spend $50 or more

The only thing I don’t like about this voucher is that when you go on this company’s website to use the voucher nothing is around $50 either it’s around $30 or less or more than $80…so you would have to buy two or more items

That being said I really liked their website and thought their gloves looked amazing, I wish I had a pair like that this past winter!

All in all I liked the items in this month’s box, even though the total didn’t come out to the $12 I spent. I love getting subscription boxes to learn about new brands and products and this month’s box definitely fulfilled that for me.

Anyone else subscribe to Bluum? What did you get in your box this month and how old is your little?

3 thoughts on “February Bluum Box is finally here!

  1. I am a new blogger & am obsessed with subscription boxes! I ordered Bluum on Feb. 26th, so I am not sure if I will receive a box this month or next month. My daughter is two, so I sure am excited to see what’s in store!

  2. Here is my Bluum box review for February including pictures: http://imgur.com/a/SRglc#0. I am not nearly as nice nor as happy with the products they tossed together in a box. I can I say I highly doubt it will get better or that no two boxes will be the same. I don’t see this company being able to do this since they already have such weak customer service and their half-hazard careless way with boxes so far has left little to be desired.

    • Hey I checked out what you received in your box and it definitely doesn’t fit your child’s age, also in a past box I received that “beach days” lotion sample and it smells AWFUL. It stinks you didn’t like what you got in your box/Bluum. I have been getting boxes from them for a while and I liked their lower price point and most of the samples given, I received that same udder cream but I had a much bigger sample. I have also gotten quite a few full size products/toys for my daughter that I have enjoyed getting. I do think that Citrus Lane is better and is consistent with delivering wonderful age appropriate items which is why I just re-subscribed : ) I’m still going to give Bluum one more chance with all these changes but if they don’t deliver a great box next month, I will probably cancel.

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