Julep Maven Box March 2013


This month, Julep Maven featured truly pretty colors but they also introduced their new line of beauty products. I chose the box this month that included Julep Maven’s new Rock Star hand lotion and glycolic hand scrub (this product is for hands but says that it is gentle enough for the face and body as well). This winter has destroyed my already dry hands, especially since I lost my gloves so I’m hoping this will give them the help they need. Also included was a strawberry mint lip balm. So far I really like the hand lotion and scrub, used in combination the scrub helped clear away the dead skin and the lotion helped moisturize. I only started using these products this week but already my hands are feeling better. Overall Im happy with this month’s box and the additional lip balm is also really nice and smells awesome!

What I like about Julep Maven

products are free of parabens and are sulfate free

in just about every box Ive gotten they have thrown in extra surprises, who doesn’t like surprises?

you can see what your getting each month and choose which box you want

if you don’t like any of the options you can skip

you earn points for every purchase to go towards free products

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