Homemade Baby Food

Since starting our little girl on solids I have been trying to venture into making her baby food myself. We started her on rice cereal then oatmeal and slowly worked our way through various fruits and vegetables to make sure she wasn’t allergic. Now that she’s older and eating like a pro with no allergies I’ve made her my taste tester for any new mixes I blend up in the food processor. I pop her in her highchair and carry her into the kitchen with me so she can hang out and cook with mommy. Sometimes it’s a failure other times we have a success. This morning was one of those good days.

Blueberry Banana

one banana

about 1/4 cup frozen or fresh washed blueberries

blend it up in a food processor, blender or baby food maker

also loved by the little one:

Minted Peas

1 cup frozen or fresh peas

1 teaspoon of dried or fresh mint

I like the convenience of frozen fruits and vegetables so I used frozen peas and just put them in the microwave till soft then pureed them and added in the mint.

Leftover baby food can be stored for about two days or frozen for up to 3 months though its best to eat it in the first month

Have you made food for your baby? What’s their favorite thing to eat?

2 thoughts on “Homemade Baby Food

    • Thanks! It’s definitely a challenge but it’s worth it-cheaper, healthier and it gives me such a good feeling when my baby likes eating what I made for her.

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